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A home you'll love!

A useful guide.

Today is Valentine's Day.  A day to celebrate Love.  (Original article written by Vance Shutes).  It's also a day to find a home you'll love.

I've written before about the five-step process all buyers follow.  In my sixteen years of business, it's still the best way I've found to make sure that you find a home you'll love.  Let's review:

1.      Find a community that you'll love.

2.      Find a neighborhood that you'll love.

3.      Find a street that you'll love.

4.      Find the outside of the house you'll love.

5.      Find the inside of the house you'll love.

There are thousands of homes for you to choose from.  How do we find a home you'll love from all of those choices?  By narrowing down the search.  We begin by helping you find a community that you'll love - what is it you're looking for from a community?  (May I suggest, Saline?)  Once you know the community where you'd love to live, we next help you find a neighborhood which offers what you'll love each time you drive home.  Next, we help you to describe the street view of where you'd love to live - and help you to find that street view in the neighborhood of the community you'd love.  After these three steps, we've narrowed down the choices from thousands of homes to probably less than a hundred.

Next, we want to describe the outside of the home you'd love to live in - what does it look like?  There are certain characteristics you'll use in your description which will help us to narrow down the search from perhaps a hundred to around twenty homes. 

Now, we spend some time looking through the photos of those homes to see if they offer what you'd love to have inside the house you come home to every day.  That might narrow the search down to only a couple of homes. 

Now it's time to get into the car, and go see those homes.

As we drive into the community you love, pay attention to the neighborhoods we drive into - how do they make you feel?  As we drive down the street to look at each house, how does that make you feel?  When we pull up in front of the house - how does that make you feel?  As we open the front door and you walk in - how does that make you feel?

If you pay attention to your thoughts and feelings during these five steps, you'll be certain to find a home you'll love.  I would welcome the opportunity to help you in your search!

If you have questions about your specific situation, or if you're considering buying or selling any Saline real estate, you owe it to yourself to take advantage of my experience in the Saline market.  I'd be happy to meet with you!  Just give me a call at (734) 476-2063, or send an e-mail, "Vance (at) SalineMichiganRealEstate (dot) com".

You can search for homes and condos in Saline here.

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